Halloween Raccoon Pest Control

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Last Updated: May 2016

Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Toronto, with the leaves changing colour, the weather cooling down a bit, and signs of wildlife running around parks collecting food for hibernation. However, Halloween is the time of year you can find raccoons and other wildlife lounging around for treats. If you see a raccoon or any wildlife such as squirrels or skunks around this time on your property, we strongly advise you to assess your home to see how it stands against wildlife intrusions. Assess your property for entry holes, or weak areas where it is possible for wildlife to get through. Nuisance wildlife are now searching for shelter for the winter.

Raccoon Fact: Raccoons are much less active with the cold weather and will sleep for longer periods of time

October is the perfect time to wildlife proof your home as snow hasn’t yet fallen and there are no raccoon babies.

Baby Raccoons

As it is October there will be no baby raccoons which simplifies that raccoon removal process. When babies are involved, raccoon removal involves a the mother first needing to be removed, then the babies who are then reunited.This process is not necessary during the fall season due to the fact that it is not their baby season. Read more on  baby raccoon removal here.

Winter Wildlife Prevention

  1. Stop Wildlife being attracted to your home

    Check any overhanging trees and trim branches to restrict access to your roof. Put your garbage bins in a garage or secure with a bungee cord to restrict access. Remove any food scraps around your home, and place pet foods inside. Don’t overfill bird feeders. Stopping wildlife from being attracted to your property is step one

  2. Fixing any weak areas of your home

    Assess your home for weak areas. Replace any broken, weakened or missing roof tiles. Check all soffits and vents. If heat is escaping from parts of your home, fixing this will not only reduce energy costs but will not attract unwanted critters. If they can’t find any weak areas they will move on. If anything is torn open or got holes big enough for a raccoon can enter then you may already have wildlife in your home. Do not seal them unless you know there is no wildlife inside. You can either do this yourself but calling a professional is recommended.

Unfortunately your Halloween pumpkins might also attract wildlife to your property, but if you wildlife proof your property they will be restricted from getting in the property. .You can wildlife proof your property yourself or you can hire a professional like SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated to do it for you. Doing this now will save you money in the long run. It is more convenient to prevent a raccoon from entering now than removing it in the middle of the winter when there is snow on the ground. Do not climb on an icy roof to cover holes yourself as this is dangerous, you may risk falling.

Denying raccoons access in the fall gives them time to search for another appropriate living space. If they are found and removed during colder months, their chance for survival is threatened.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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