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Last Updated: May 2016

Toronto GTA is choc full of squirrels whether it be squirrels in the park, squirrels in neighborhoods and squirrels on your property. We receive a lot of calls from distressed GTA homeowners and business owners about squirrels in the attic, squirrels in the wall, squirrels in the chimney, squirrels in the vents, squirrels in the yard stealing bird seeds or pet food. They are everywhere. In this blog we will discuss common GTA squirrel removal problems, in relation to squirrels in your home. We will provide information about squirrels and their characteristics to help you understand why they enter and what options you have.

Squirrels are quite common in Toronto and have become a huge problem not only in the GTA but across the whole of Ontario. As we continually destroy wildlife’s natural habitat they have no choice but to adapt to our residential areas.

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Squirrel Behavior

Squirrels are very destructive urban mammals in the GTA, along with raccoons and other wildlife. Squirrels are determined to get food and shelter which could potentially be a costly problem if they enter your home. Squirrels have a variety of skills that allow them to exhibit a variety of behaviors, most revolving around the basics: foraging for food and seeking shelter. Several squirrels in some areas have simply lost their fear of people. In some municipalities, it is against the law to feed wildlife as this encourages the squirrels to lose their fear. If they imprint on people they may become dependent and eventually could come into harms way because of this.

Squirrels are a lot stronger than what they look with claws that pierce bark. These little guys are more than capable to defend themselves so do not corner them.

How to Remove Squirrels

The primary approach is using a one-way door. This involves little to no interaction with the squirrel. A one-way door method works by out technicians closing all entry points on your home that the squirrel is using except one. The last entry hole which is usually the main entry hole is where the one-way door is set up. The structure of it allows the squirrel to get out but cannot re-enter.

If there are babies involved then it is more complicated and you have to call a professional for squirrel removal to remove then reunite the family. Read more on our article Baby Squirrel Removal. Do not trap the animal inside your home as this is inhumane and illegal!

Read our blog on things to do before calling a wildlife control agent.

Do-it-Yourself Squirrel Removal

There’s a reason professional wildlife removal companies exist. Do-it-Yourself options for squirrel removal like trapping and releasing them elsewhere leads to the risk of you trapping a family or neighbor’s pet, or even worse a toddler. Be very careful before doing this and look up what laws and regulations apply to your area when you relocate a squirrel yourself. Please be aware when removing squirrels yourself there are other risk factors involved which is why we highly recommend using a professional for squirrel removal and any wildlife control!

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