Dealing with Dead Wildlife around the House

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Last Updated: June 2016

Yes, it is the circle of life but it’s always unfortunate when someone has to deal with handling dead wildlife. Some cannot stomach the thought of having to do this, others are very sad, but one thing for sure is that when you encounter a problem like this, the animal needs to be moved. When someone spots dead wildlife in or around the house, it is important to take the right precautions to avoid any problems, for both your health and your safety. These conflicts include the following:


In some cases, animals do carry zoonotic diseases (transferable diseases from animal to humans) like rabies or other viruses you rather not contract. Although some may think that it is harmless to deal with an animal since it is dead need to reconsider and think about the germs that are being passed on. In instances where it is necessary to move the dead wildlife yourself, ensure that your skin is not exposed and that you are wearing thick gloves and mask to protect yourself.

Other Animals

The cause of dead wildlife is sometimes due to other animals who have killed it, and will now be the cause for other animals to be attracted to it. Either way, you probably don’t want to be between a dead animal and its prey. If you see a dead animal, call a service to help you remove it to protect yourself from oncoming and returning animals.

Insects and Bugs

Dead animals often always attract bugs and insects who feed off of it. It is known that bugs and insects are sometimes carriers of disease. To minimize the chance of encountering an insect or bug that could possibly be carrying a transferable illness, keep away from the deceased animal, and ensure that your children are also aware of the risks when near dead animals.

We do not recommend disposing of dead wildlife on your own. The reasons stated above are only a couple examples out of the many issues that can occur when trying to move them. In an instance where you are moving animals there are many things you need to take into consideration. This includes properly disposing of the animal in accordance to the law, the health and safety the people around you as mentioned previously, the health and safety of other animals and also taking into consideration the rest of the environment for example, contaminating water or food sources.  These are all things that should not, but are possible to happen when dealing with dead wildlife incorrectly. The best way to avoid having this happen is by hiring a professional service to remove the dead wildlife from your property.

At SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated, our technicians are properly trained on how to correctly remove and dispose of dead wildlife. They know how to look out for it and identify it if you are unsure about odors or the damage that the animals could have caused. The technicians at SOS Wildlife are familiar with dealing with all sorts of different dead wildlife and have the proper equipment to safely move it and remove it so that it can be disposed of without putting you or your family in any further health risks at any time of the day or night. After the dead wildlife is removed, SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated will clean up the affected area by deodorizing and removing residue using an antiseptic liquid and properly disposes of the dead animal. It is recommended to take preventative measures afterwards to avoid having to be in the same situation again.

When looking to remove dead wildlife from in or around the house, consider SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated. We provide superior wildlife removal services for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Let us help you solve your wildlife problems. If you’re looking to get rid of dead wildlife, and proof your home instead to avoid getting into a troublesome situation, we can do that too. Taking action before it’s too late will help eliminate animal damage repair costs. We can easily be reached at 1-800-981-0330. Don’t wait and call us to schedule an appointment for a thorough inspection to help evacuate all your unwanted wildlife guests.

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