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Cockroaches can definitely cause a problem in the home, which is why it is recommended to seek out cockroach control before it is too late. Cockroaches are a brownish color with antennas and wings. In size they are anywhere from 15-30 mm long. Cockroaches can adapt to different environments but usually like to stay in warm conditions which is why they make their way in your home especially during winter months. There are several types of Cockroaches that avoid the light which is why they try their best to run away from it and lurk in dark areas. They leave a chemical trail in their feces; other cockroaches will follow these trails to find sources of food and water. They also follow these trails to see where other cockroaches are hiding! Cockroaches are pretty smart as they do a lot of research to find the perfect place for their food source and once they have found the perfect place they will attempt to stay there. They signal other cockroaches to come as well since they know there is a lot of food for all of them which is why they break into our home, there is a reliable food source. Most people think that cockroaches are silent insects, but some cockroaches make hissing sounds while others make a chirping sound. They use rhythmic beats in order to attract other cockroaches. If you find cockroaches in your home call a pest control technician immediately for cockroach control.

Cockroach Damages

Cockroaches could cause severe damages to your home. Cockroaches will nearly eat everything that is in your home from furniture, food, walls, books, etc. which is why we highly recommend that you call a pest control technician as soon as possible for cockroach control as they hide all over the place. Cockroaches will make tiny and / or big holes in your furniture, which makes your furniture ugly and not comforting anymore. Cockroaches will make holes in the walls. So make sure you get a pest technician for cockroach control as soon as you locate them, so that they don’t cause any costly damage to your home.


*This post is informational. SOS Wildlife Control Inc. does not provide Cockroach Control Services 

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  • Cockroaches are some of the most difficult pests to get rid of alone. Hiring a pest control company to exterminate cockroaches is very important when you’re having issues with cockroaches.

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