Toronto Bank Closed Due to Damage Caused by Raccoons

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Video Transcription

 Held up by masked bandits i’m Mateus
Pisano with CityNews in Midtown and if you bank at
this RBC branch here on st. Clair
Oakwood you’ll notice that you can’t get
in that’s because it’s temporarily
closed and it’s not because of
construction but because of a break-in
enter and it’s believed that the
suspects are still inside and they’re
not armed or dangerous they can get into
your garbage bins they can break into
your homes and now apparently they can
get inside a bank and no they’re not
there to make a deposit a family of
raccoons broke into the ceiling of this
RBC branch on August 23rd the branch
closed its door is the same day they
remain shut ever since a copy of a
letter sent to customers has been
circulating on social media with the
branch apologizing for the inconvenience
and redirecting customers to alternative
locations nearby however not everyone
was aware of the situation from what
we’re told
yes the bank is being held up by furry
masked bandits raccoons the bank is
occupied what are your thoughts on that
well I’m sure that they’re not going to
steal very much
yeah I don’t know what they’d be able to
do with the money and I’ve lived in
Toronto all my life I’ve never heard of
yeah and so what goes through your mind
thinking about something like this I
guess it kind of makes you want to think
like what are they doing with the money
that these people are making this place
should be fixed a long time ago so why
is it taking so long to find out we
caught up with a representative from RBC
we’re almost at the end of September why
is it taking so long to reopen well as
everyone knows raccoons do cause a little bit of damage but this is an older building and the ceilings are
actually over 20 feet high so we had to
build a scaffolding on the inside so
that we’re able to get to the very large
ceiling tiles that are above it’s a
little different than fixing the roof is
a screen anything against them now this
isn’t the first time we brought you a
story about raccoons breaking into
things or places just ask our colleague
Roger Peterson he dealt with a family of
raccoons himself when they broke into
his home according to this expert we’re
seeing more cases like this because well
raccoons are getting more accustomed to
their surroundings raccoons are actually
very extremely trainable right they were
us challenging them as a human being
challenging raccoons it only makes them
so there they’re gonna basically try to
find a way to live within us and and
they won’t the one just go away now RDC
tells us that they’re doing their best
to speed up the process and they hope to
reopen the branch by the end of October
now we reached out to the raccoons to
find out if they are planning to leave
anytime soon they were unavailable for
in Midtown I’m in Cisco so no city news