Raccoon Removal Toronto

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Last Updated: May 2021

Professional Raccoon Removal Toronto mostly use the one way door method to remove raccoons. What is a one way door, you ask?

  • One way doors are specially designed doors which allow the animal(s) to exit the property and not re-enter.

This raccoon removal Toronto method is very humane and does not include catching the animal in anyway. It involves blocking off all entryways to your home except one, the last unsealed entryway is where the one-way door is set up. The animal leaves through the door and cannot re-enter your home. This is the most humane approach and the animal returns to it’s natural habitat. This is the most common raccoon removal Toronto method, however it is not always suited to every job.

What do they do with the raccoons once they are trapped?

We have been asked on many occasion what do we do with the wildlife after we catch it.

As Ontario Law has very strict rules and regulations especially when it comes to wildlife. All raccoon removal Toronto must be humane with no harm to the animal. Once we snare and put the animal into a live cage, the animal is then taken and released a kilometer away from where it is caught.

These approaches sound very easy but it takes experience and knowledge of the animals to do it correctly. If there are babies involved it is different again as you have to remove the mother with a one-way door then remove the babies separately. Check our raccoon removal  Toronto page if there are babies involved. Wildlife removal must be done in a humane manner with respect to wildlife. If you have a wildlife problem, call us at 647-994-9453 or email us at info@soswildlife.ca.

Do It Yourself Raccoon Removal Toronto

Although we don’t recommend it, If you wish to do it yourself you have to learn how to remove raccoons humanely. It is important to understand what to do with them once caught and know the law. If you do not use the correct humane raccoon removal Toronto method you may face a fine. You may think you will not get caught but read about Dong Nguyen, the man who hit three baby raccoons with a shovel as they destroyed his garden in downtown Toronto in 2011. He faced a $1,365 fine and 100 hours volunteer service in a animal shelter. Hiring a professional raccoon removal Toronto technician would have been a better approach. Read more on Dong Nguyen’s inhumane raccoon removal method. There has been a lot of cruel acts by people towards these raccoons which is very wrong, please don’t be one of them. If you do want to remove the raccoon yourself, take the time and research into humane raccoon removal Toronto methods.

Depending on where you live, check the local bylaws to see if you are allowed to relocate these animals. If so relocate the animal one kilometer away from where you captured it, into a green wooden area.

Be careful not to get scratch by raccoons as they may carry numerous diseases including rabies and roundworm found in their feces. Only handle their feces if it is wet, the spores are released when it is dry. Ensure to wear gloves and a mask. If you get scratched seek medical attention immediately. Read our Raccoon Removal and Rabies page for more information.

Do It Yourself Raccoon Removal Dangers

There’s a reason professional wildlife trapping companies exist. Do it yourself options for raccoon removal like trapping and releasing can risk you trapping a family or neighbor’s pet, or even worse a toddler. Be very careful before doing this and check the law in your area to see if it is legal to relocate a raccoon yourself.

Another sad inhumane raccoon removal method happened in Oakville in 2015, where a resident set rat poison around a tree to kill off squirrels and ended up killing 3 pet dogs and putting 3 more dogs critical condition.

These are both devastating stories so please be aware when initiating raccoon removal Toronto methods yourself. There are other risk factors involved. We really do highly recommend  removing raccoons professionally, by someone who is trained in what they are doing. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated provides efficient, professional and humane methods. We do not advise you to try live trapping, as this takes practice and should only be done by a professional. You don’t want to accidentally trap the neighbors cat or toddlers. Also remember there are strict laws of the sizes of the traps and the animals have to be relocated. If you are going to try this yourself please read up on the Ministry of Natural Resources Laws.

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