Wildlife Control Expert Holding Squirrels Removed From a Residence

What you can do about Squirrels or Raccoons on your property

Squirrels and raccoons have always been culprits when it comes to hanging out in our backyards, lawns and attics. They take advantage of the space, the food sources and shelters available nearby which make it a convenient place to stay but for the residents who own the property, it can be a problem. Although raccoons[…]

Raccoon Found in a Backyard Swimming Pool

Tips for raccoon removal and prevention

Last Updated: June 2016 Richmond Hill is home to many recreational activities, thriving businesses and great communities. Their many options of parks to go to is overwhelming. Filled with the great views of nature and wildlife, activities like hiking and biking, a Richmond Hill park in the spring is where you want to be. Although the[…]

SOS Wildlife Expert Removing Baby Raccoon From a Property

Found Baby Raccoons on Your Property?

Last Updated: June 2016 This time around in the year, baby raccoons are making an appearance left, right, up and down. These small, fragile mammals are being born in bunches of about 3-4 cubs in attics and garages all over the GTA in nests made especially by their mother. Although raccoon breeding varies on environmental conditions,[…]

What to do if you have a raccoon problem

Last Updated: June 2016 The City of Markham is a wonderful city, with lots of different activities available for everybody. From Markville Mall to Main street Markham or Milliken Park, there is always something to do, for children, adults, seniors, couples families and more. The city is filled with neighborhoods and communities and events and is[…]

Raccoon Found in a Backyard Swimming Pool

Need Help With Toronto Raccoon Removal?

Last Updated: June 2016 Raccoons have long been inhabiting the great city of Toronto, a concern for homeowners and business owners alike. Hearing the rummaging through their trash and the sound of scratching or crawling noises around upstairs isn’t exactly how you wanted to spend your evening, but from time to time, it happens and you’re[…]

Toronto Raccoon Removal

Mississauga raccoon problem? Here’s a solution

Last Updated: June 2016 Having to deal with a Mississauga raccoon problem isn’t something new that is only occurring lately. For years now, wildlife have become increasingly more comfortable living side-by-side with humans in a populated city due to deforestation. Mississauga homes and businesses all over the city have been a host to many raccoons looking[…]

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How to select the right wildlife control company for you

Last Updated: June 2016 It’s no secret that there are a ton of selections for wildlife control companies in Ontario who can help you solve your wildlife problem which is why it is difficult selecting the right wildlife control company. From east of the GTA to the west, north and south, the number of options are countless.[…]

Toronto Raccoon Removal

How to Handle Raccoon Removal in Richmond Hill

Last Updated: June 2016 The Town of Richmond Hill is definitely one to be enjoyed. With a wide range of community recreation activities to offer and a long list of public parks and trails, you’ll be sure that you will have something to fill your day with. Although this GTA area is filled with variety, it[…]

How to Safely Handle Baby Raccoon Removal

Last Updated: May 2016 With many federal and provincial laws protecting wildlife, there are even stringent ones protecting their offspring. One of the more common baby removals in Ontario is baby raccoon removal and it certainly requires professionally trained technicians to ensure removal is being conducted as per the guidelines and laws set by the government.[…]

rabid raccoon

Rabid Raccoons City of Toronto & GTA

Last Updated: May 2016 Although not all raccoons are rabid raccoons, you should still take precaution. Canine distemper affects raccoons, dogs, skunks and other wildlife which is why it is important to stay alert and keep pets away from wild animals. The condition causes the animals to become disoriented, lethargic and even aggressive if cornered. It can cause[…]

Raccoon trapping

Raccoon Trapping

Last Updated: May 2016 There are many different raccoon removal methods of humanely removing raccoon from your property. One-way doors and live raccoon trapping are the most humane options when done correctly. One-way doors are the more preferable method as one way door has minimal to no human-wildlife interaction. The less interaction with wildlife as possible is always preferred as[…]

Wildlife Preventive Tips

Toronto Wildlife Removal

Last Updated: May 2016 What does Toronto Wildlife Removal mean? To us, it means saving our clients from unwanted visitors (a.k.a urban wildlife), and humanely bringing the visitors back to their natural habitats. Both in the City of Toronto and in the Greater Toronto Area, wildlife can be a nuisance to many residents, business owners,[…]