Raccoon Appreciation Day

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Happy International Raccoon Appreciation Day

October 1st is Raccoon Appreciation Day! This is an effort to highlight the benefits the little critters have to our city. I always read (and wrote myself) how over populated Toronto is with raccoons, how we don’t even know how many raccoons we have in the city, but today I will talk about the benefits of having them in our wonderful TO.

The raccoons have managed to thrive in our urban centers and rural communities by adapting to our habitat. They are very intelligent and from a distance lovable creatures. They are not just the garbage stealing, pet food eating bandits we portray them to be, they do provide an important role to the city and the ecosystem. They help distribute seeds from what they forage and maintain “healthy” populations. As I said we do not know numbers but they are plentiful and far from extinction. Raccoons are also beneficial to humans because of their consumption of pesky insects and mice. They eat worms, frogs, snails, berries, nuts, seeds and as we know garbage, compost and backyard vegetables and fruits. From a distance they are an enjoyable and lovable animal and I am happy to have them around and the mice gone!

They are the most easily recognized mammal in North America with their distinctive black markings, fox-like face and bushy tail!

Entertainment Value

And we cannot forget the total entertainment value these little guys provide us. As a wildlife blogger raccoon and squirrels are the two wildlife critters that are featured constantly in Toronto news. They are constantly surprising us with their intelligence or amusing us with their tricks.


The entertainment in Toronto alone! Raccoons are always featured in headlines,on signs and social media!

How can we forget Conrad the Raccoon! Today we salute Conrad! RIP

Raccoons are a large part of the Toronto GTA lifestyle. As they adapt to our habitat we have to adapt to living with the critters. However as much as we give out about the raccoons, the city would not be the same without them!

Fun Fact: Did you know raccoons have five fingers on each paw. Their paws are so nimble they can unlace a shoe, unlatch a cage and climb ladders

Happy International Raccoon Appreciation Day!