Happy Earth Day 2016

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We here at SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated know that our planet is an amazing place with a ton of things to be appreciative about! In this line of work, we’re lucky enough to be able to encounter wildlife like raccoons in Mississauga or squirrels in Toronto (although when we see them they technically are in properties they aren’t supposed to be in!) and see what kind of amazing things they are capable of, which is a lot. Our Earth is filled with all sorts of ecosystems with wildlife and nature, that should be taken care of and preserved. We know that sometimes it slips our mind, but every little bit helps! And if more people keep making small efforts, then we will have contributed to a big change.

Here are a couple things we can incorporate in our lives

  • Pack a lunch!

Bring a lunch to work and use non-disposable containers! This will help eliminate waste, and it might even be healthier cut down on takeout!

  • Skip the drive!

If it’s feasible, skip the drive to work on some days or carpool! Other alternatives to greener transportation are public transportation, walking or biking!

  • Maybe you don’t need to buy that thing (that you already have 3 of)

Consume less, shopping-wise. Let’s be less materialistic and stop buying items we don’t need. Those things we end up shoving in to the back of the closet, or lost in the garage? Nah. Less material, less waste.

  • Wasting with water-bottles

Plastic, disposable bottles? Grab yourself 1 or 2 good-looking reusable water-bottles instead. Refill them where and when possible so you don’t have to toss a bunch away everyday

  • Use the bins right!

When throwing things away, make sure they’re sorted into the right bin to keep from filling our landfills. People from the City of Toronto can use this article: What Goes Where

  • 7 Rs, I thought there were 3!

Re-use Keep from tossing so many things into the waste bin by reusing items where you can
Re-purpose Think, DIY Projects. If there’s something you’re thinking about getting rid of, see if there are any ways you can make it into something fabulous instead
Rot compost everything organic.
Repair instead of replacing. The handy-person or fixer-upper in your life can help take care of this
Return If you’re buying a product, choose to go somewhere where you can return it in case you change your mind, so you don’t have to throw it out
Refill As mentioned above, a cool water-bottle never hurt anyone
Refuse If you don’t need to, don’t buy packaged, disposable, single-use products

Let’s all remember that every little bit helps. Together, we can each do our part in protecting our earth so let’s do it!

Happy Earth Day!