Dead Animal Carcass Removal

by | Sep 14, 2015 | Remove Dead Animal Carcass

Last Updated: May 2016


Who do you contact for dead animal carcass removal?

This depends where you find the dead animal and on the size of the animal.

You have three options:

  1.  Do it yourself dead animal carcass removal
  2.  Call the city for dead animal carcass removal
  3.  Hire a private company like SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated

Do it yourself dead animal carcass removal

If you find the animal on your private property you will have to either remove the dead animal carcass yourself or hire a private company like SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated for dead animal carcass removal. If you decide to remove the dead animal yourself, research and take all necessary precautions. Dead animals carry diseases with parasites like flies, maggots and more. The odour can also be quite strong so make sure you wear gloves and a face mask. Never touch a dead animal with your bare hands, as it contains germs, and possible viruses – you don’t know what the cause of death is. The odour is a big indication that there is an animal carass nearby. The most common places are under the porch, dead animals under the deck, dead animals in the attic, dead animal in wall. If the animal is in the wall you may have to cut a hole to remove it. Once you locate the dead animal carcass you can put the dead animal carcass into a plastic bag and leave it on the curb. Call the city and they will eventually come and collect it. Depending on the season and how busy they are will depend how long it will take them to collect it. We all know the story of Conrad the raccoon and his 14 hour wait for collection. Here is more information and contact numbers for the city dead animal removal service.

Once you have removed the animal you need to disinfect the area well. You can use any of your store bought products to help remove the odour and residue left behind. This is a dirty job and we always advise our customers to get a professional to do it properly as there are possible health risks involved.

Call the city for dead animal carcass removal

The city usually doesn’t remove dead animal carcass removal on private property, but it is always worth the phone call to see if they will. Unfortunately, if you live in the city of Hamilton a new pilot scheme is being introduced where the city will charge $50 per hour for wildlife removal. They will remove small and large animals. A small animal is anything smaller than a raccoon, if it is a larger dog or a deer you need to inform the city its a large wildlife animal carcass and this is where it may take a few hours to remove.

The city will remove roadkill, animals in public areas like parks or beaches, streets, sidewalks and highways. Click here for Toronto GTA information on dead animal carcass removal by the city.

Hire a private company like SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated will remove small dead animal carcass from private property. We do not remove large animals like deer or dogs nor be we remove roadkill as these are services provided by the city. If you have a dead raccoon in your wall, dead squirrel in your attic, dead skunk in your porch or deck we will remove all of these and clean up after. This is a very dirty job and hiring a professional is a better idea than doing it yourself. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated will deodorize the area and remove all residue and show you how the animal gained entry and offer wildlife prevention services to stop future wildlife from entering your home.

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