5 Animal Control Myths, Debunked

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Animal Control

When it comes to animal control, there are usually more than two sides. Raccoon and squirrel removal are just two minor issues. But in this post, we’ll attempt to debunk the common myths involved in animal control. Hopefully, we can help clear all confusions and questions you have in mind. Here you go:

Animal Control Myth #1: Animal control will only pick up stray cats and dogs.

The answer is no. If you haven’t visited an animal shelter yet, then it is high time that you do. Take a look at all the animals there. You will be surprised.

Regardless if the shelter is privately-funded or government-owned, the goals of these groups is to take in, welcome, and care for most animals, be it goats, birds, hamsters, and even horses.

Animal Control Myth #2: Animals that are turned over to shelters have behavior problems.

Again, this is only a myth. There are many reasons why an animal is turned over to a shelter. Behavior problem is only one. It could be the owner is having a rough time. His home may have been foreclosed or he might have been evicted from the property he is renting.

In most cases, the pets in animal shelters are well-behaved and truly loved. The owners love and care enough for them that they want them to survive in a shelter and find a new home. They don’t want to leave them in the streets and let them die in accidents or starvation.

Animal Control Myth #3: Squirrels prefer to live out in the forest.

No, squirrels are territorial creatures. This means there is only enough room for them to be safe. If you think the forest near your place is a good spot for them to build a shelter, then you are wrong. They might have a hard time finding food out there.

It is for that reason why squirrels love to take shelter in your home. If you are not happy to share your property with them, have your abode squirrel-proofed by pest control experts.

Animal Control Myth #4: Getting rid of adoption means the animals will be sent to unsafe homes.

Until now, there is no proven correlation between love and money. This can be proven by the way people welcome stray cats and dogs that wander into their yards. Thus, when a shelter hosts a free adoption day, this means people can freely adopt a pet they want and welcome them into a new, forever home.

Animal Control Myth #5: When you find a raccoon in your chimney, you have to trap it and send it out in the wild.

If you suspect a raccoon is nesting in your chimney or attic, it is possible that it’s already a mother. Its babies should be relocated somewhere near her. Situations like this require the expertise of a professional raccoon removal company.

Wrapping Up

Animal control requires responsibility from humans. After all, it’s our fault why they are being displaced from their natural homes. If you are uncertain about animal control rules and regulations or want assistance with raccoon removal, it is best that you just call experts like SOS Wildlife. Call us at (647) 994-9453 to talk to our experts.