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Wildlife that comes too close for comfort, causing damage and costing you is a nuisance wildlife removal problem. SOS Wildlife Control provides wildlife removal to residential, industrial and commercial clients in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. Wildlife problems requiring professional wildlife control services are increasing throughout Ontario due to population growth, urbanization and increasing wildlife numbers. Many homeowners, businesses and municipalities are experiencing problems with raccoons in the attic, bats in chimneys, opossum in walls and more. If you are in need of raccoon removal, squirrel removal, bat removal, opossum removal etc., call our professionals at 647-994-9453


Our Wildlife Removal ServicesRaccoon removal

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SOS Wildlife Control wildlife removal and prevention services includeline break

  • Humane wildlife removal practices
  • The use of one-way door, a humane method that allows wildlife to exit a property but not re-enter
  • The humane removal and reuniting of wildlife offspring after wildlife removal
  • Wildlife prevention for your home or business. This includes, entry points, main entry points and potential entry points. SOS Wildlife Control will identify the problem areas in need of wildlife prevention services
  • Providing our customers with all the necessary information regarding their property’s wildlife situation. We offer follow-up procedures.

 Wildlife Damage

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007In some cases, squirrels in attic, wildlife under decking or birds in vent problems go ignored, but leaving wildlife unattended in your home can be extremely dangerous and very costly. These wildlife animals like squirrels, raccoons or bats are all wild animals with natural wildlife instincts with different behavior as your domesticated pet and in order to avoid any problems, it is recommended to have the situation taken care of as soon as possible. Wild animals left unattended can quickly cause a great deal of damage to your attic, crawlspace and basement resulting in chewed wires, fires, matted and damaged insulation, holes in heating and cooling ducts or other problems. Never enter a confined space like an attic where wildlife is present. Call a professional who know how to deal with these situations. Getting rid of raccoons, getting rid of squirrels, bat control, groundhog control or numerous other wildlife removal tasks can be time consuming, expensive and even dangerous without the right methods. SOS Wildlife Control has many years of experience in humane wildlife control.  All of our techniques are humane, and we’re constantly integrating methods to provide the right solution for each of our customer’s unique situation. SOS Wildlife Control provides wildlife control, wildlife removal and wildlife prevention for your home or for your businesses. We will humanely remove bats in the house, raccoons in the yard, squirrels in the attic and birds in vents. Contact a wildlife removal professional immediately after discovering a nuisance wildlife to prevent damage, risk of injury or possible health risks.

 About Wildlife Control

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  • Domestic Animal Problem

SOS Wildlife Control does not conduct any domestic animal services. Please read our blog Animal Control vs Wildlife Control in Toronto for more information and a directory of animal control companies you can contact to help with your domestic animal problem.

  • Wild Animal Diseases

When wildlife becomes a problem, it is important to take an immediate action. Wildlife may carry diseases that may put you, your family or your pets at risk. Raccoon droppings can have roundworm and should always be handled with gloves and a mask (never touch dry droppings as there is a high chances of spores spreading). Wildlife may carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans. Be aware for odd behavior in wildlife, or behavior that coincide with the symptoms for rabies. Do not attempt to approach wildlife you suspect is a carrier of rabies or any other disease.

SOS Wildlife Control technicians make sure that all your wildlife removal problems are eliminated using humane methods and practices.


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