Whitby has been a service area for SOS Wildlife Control for many years. SOS Wildlife Control always ensures that our services are humane, professional and effective for all our Whitby customers. Our experience and knowledge allow us to give you results you want.

The Town of Whitby always has something great to do for the entire family. From cultural events at the Celebration Square to spending afternoons at Ashburn Park, your agenda will always be packed!

Whitby, like many other areas around the GTA, is home to all sorts of wildlife, so it is important to note some of the precautions that should be taken in order to keep your property, home, family safe and wildlife damage free.

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Whitby is in the Durham region and is located in Southern Ontario. It rests on the shores of Lake Ontario and even with it’s lakeside position it does not prevent nuisance wildlife entering your home. Whitby residence are more than used to raccoons and squirrels. We have had many late night phone calls from Whitby residence, one in particular was for a raccoon in the attic. The customer was feared as the raccoon was so loud they wanted it removed immediately. We called that night and humanely removed the raccoon to the customers content.

Raccoon Removal Whitby, ON

Humane wildlife removal is extremely important and is the law according to The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). The DurhamRegion.com  reported about how a couple in Durham found a baby raccoon in their backyard caught in a snare. Someone had set up these snares as there was a family of raccoons nesting near by. The Durham couple noticed that the baby raccoons (kits) were reducing in numbers and that is when they found the the kit with the snare on it’s paw. Not only is this animal cruelty but it is also lucky that no neighbor’s pets were caught in the snare or even worse a child. Wildlife Removal should be left to the professionals, there is a reason the humane removal laws are in place. you can read more in our blog about humane removal and the pro’s and cons of doing it yourself – “Common Raccoon Removal Problems for Toronto GTA Homeowners”.

More about Whitby, ON

Whitby is one of 8 cities in the Durham region of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Whitby has a beautiful harbour and many parks and recreation areas that can serve as hiding places and breeding grounds for nuisance wildlife (though they are an awful lot of fun for humans to enjoy and explore).

Please note that Whitby’s Animal Services is not the same as wildlife control. Whitby’s Animal Services do not handle any nuisance wildlife complaint, and takes the position that it’s every homeowner’s responsibility to get squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, birds, skunks, and bats out of their own home. Instead, their focus is pets—on ensuring that they’re well cared for, that they pose no danger to Whitby residents, and that they’re licensed. They should also be one of your first calls if you’ve lost a pet.

For nuisance wildlife you need to call a professional like us who will look after all your wildlife needs.The nuisance wildlife we just listed out is our concern. We’re very good at removing these pests in a safe, humane fashion.You can read more about the animal control and wildlife control on our blog “Animal Control vs Wildlife Control in Toronto”.

If you live in Whitby and you’ve got a wildlife problem, call us at 647-994-9453 or e-mail us at info@soswildlife.ca.