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SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated has been providing wildlife removal, wildlife prevention, and many more wildlife solutions to the Town of Aurora for many years. Our expert wildlife removal technicians know how to provide our customers with the humane, professional and effective results they need in order to live and work comfortably, with wildlife nuisances kept out.

The Town of Aurora is not a stranger to tons of activities and things to see. The community is always filled with events suitable for everybody and has amazing scenery in their trails and parks. The Aurora Arboretum is one of the great places to visit, if you’re interested in sight seeing, wildlife and nature.

Aurora, like many other areas around the GTA, is home to all sorts of wildlife, so it is important to note some of the precautions that should be taken in order to keep your property, home, family safe and wildlife damage free.

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Raccoon on the roof? We definitely found them on the roof and in the attic of an Aurora homeowner. Fortunately we were able to remove that unwanted house guest quickly and safely, just as we’ve removed dozens of other wildlife pests from Aurora homes. Call SOS Wildlife for raccoon removal Aurora, ON.

We’ve also seen groundhogs tear up gardens and chew power lines running to Aurora homes, which means that some Aurora residents have suffered from temporary power outages. Fortunately, we’ve got ways to deal with groundhogs as well.
Of course raccoon and groundhogs aren’t the only nuisance animals you might encounter in your home or business.

Raccoon Removal Aurora, ON

Like most cities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Aurora faces some issues with raccoon in particular. reports, for example, that the current wildlife law prevents the city from simply rounding up as many raccoon as they can in order to remove them to the country. They also cannot be rounded up for spaying and neutering. This is a problem, as raccoon can give birth to litters of 3-5 , and the females produce one litter per year until they are no longer fertile.
Many people in the region feel downright threatened by the raccoon, and their concern is not entirely unwarranted. Raccoons can carry a dangerous form of ringworm that gets into their feces and which can infect humans. Raccoon can also be infected with rabies.

More about Aurora

Aurora is one of the 9 cities that makes up the York Region of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Thus, it’s really important for residents of Aurora to be extremely careful around wildlife pests, and to avoid trying to catch them on their own.
Many people get wildlife control services mixed up with animal control services. However, the Aurora Division of Animal Control and Care is only concerned with domestic animals. They are the government agency you’d work with to register and license your pets. They handle barking dog complaints. They pick up stray animals. They’ll even remove road killed animals from the street if you call to talk to them about it. And they’ll investigate domestic animal bites.

Wildlife control is different. We have to be licensed to do what they do. We exclusively handle the safe and humane removal of skunks, raccoon, birds, squirrels, groundhogs and bats. We will even take animals out of the attic or crawl spaces, which no city official will ever even attempt.
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