Wildlife damage or nuisance problems is all too common in Toronto GTA. Wildlife’s distinctive tracks often provide evidence of their involvement in damage situations.  Wildlife will often seek to gain entrance into houses and outbuildings through attics and chimneys. They will tear off shingles, chew holes in soffit or facia boards in order to gain access to an attic.

They can also damage vegetable gardens and crops, particularly sweet corn that is ripe and ready for harvesting. Raccoons also like watermelons and will dig through the rind to reach in and pull out the contents with their paws.

Wildlife feces can be dangerous also, raccoon feces can carry roundworm disease and rats can spread disease with their urine. It is always recommended to have animal feces removed and the area cleaned professional to avoid health issues.

Wildlife Damage includes:

  • Tearing up electrical conduit & wiringWildlife Damages
  • Tearing up plumbing
  • Moving attic insulation around which could result in heat loss
  • Tearing up lawns and landscape beds in search of grubs and insects
  • Getting into garbage cans
  • Skunk essence can permanently stain many objects
  • Contamination of insulation
  • Chewing of electrical wires and cables
  • Gnawing on cables, wires, underground sprinkler systems

SOS Wildlife can help with wildlife damage. We can restore attics and replace attic insualtion after wildlife have been removed. to avoid further wildlife damage to your home it is encouraged to wildlife proof you home. Wildlife proofing is guaranteed and will avoid future wildlife damage to your property.