sherwin from sos wildlife being interview by city news toronto

Toronto Bank Closed Due to Damage Caused by Raccoons

Video Transcription ¬†Held up by masked bandits i’m mateus pisano in Midtown and if you bank at this RBC branch here on st. Clair Oakwood you’ll notice that you can’t get in that’s because it’s temporarily closed and it’s not because of construction but because of a break-in enter and it’s believed that the suspects[…]

Get rid of These Rodents

10 Ways to Remove Rats And Mice

Rats are those upsetting animals that can interrupt in your home without being invited and transform everything into garbage. For survival, rats require shelter, water, and enough nourishment. Also, if your home gives these three things, it would be an extreme undertaking to get rid of these rodents. The most ordinarily discovered types of rats[…]