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What to do if you have a raccoon problem

Last Updated: June 2016 The City of Markham is a wonderful city, with lots of different activities available for everybody. From Markville Mall to Main street Markham or Milliken Park, there is always something to do, for children, adults, seniors, couples families and more. The city is filled with neighborhoods and communities and events and is[…]

How to Safely Handle Baby Raccoon Removal

Last Updated: May 2016 With many federal and provincial laws protecting wildlife, there are even stringent ones protecting their offspring. One of the more common baby removals in Ontario is baby raccoon removal and it certainly requires professionally trained technicians to ensure removal is being conducted as per the guidelines and laws set by the government.[…]

Raccoon trapping

Raccoon Trapping

Last Updated: May 2016 There are many different raccoon removal methods of humanely removing raccoon from your property. One-way doors and live raccoon trapping are the most humane options when done correctly. One-way doors are the more preferable method as one way door has minimal to no human-wildlife interaction. The less interaction with wildlife as possible is always preferred as[…]

Raccoon Problem

Raccoon Problem Toronto GTA

Last Updated: May 2016 With their cute masked faces and nimble hands, raccoons are one of the most intelligent and curious species in the urban wildlife. However; the raccoon problem Toronto has been experiencing in the last decade has been nothing short of bothersome to property owners and residents. These nocturnal mammals certainly live up to[…]

halloween raccoon pest control

Halloween Raccoon Pest Control

Last Updated: May 2016 Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Toronto, with the leaves changing colour, the weather cooling down a bit, and signs of wildlife running around parks collecting food for hibernation. However, Halloween is the time of year you can find raccoons and other wildlife lounging around for treats. If you see a raccoon[…]

Happy International Raccoon Appreciation Day

Raccoon Appreciation Day

Last Updated: May 2016 Happy International Raccoon Appreciation Day October 1st is Raccoon Appreciation Day! This is an effort to highlight the benefits the little critters have to our city. I always read (and wrote myself) how over populated Toronto is with raccoons, how we don’t even know how many raccoons we have in the[…]

Raccoon Problem

Getting Rid of Raccoons

Last Updated: May 2016 Raccoons are pretty common wildlife animals that interact with humans in Toronto GTA. Sometimes the interactions are not wanted and humans are not pleased with it at all. They want the raccoons removed! But getting rid of raccoons can be a hard mission which is why many people just contact professional wildlife technicians like[…]

Raccoon trapping

Raccoon in the Attic

Last Updated: May 2016 Do you have a Raccoon in the Attic? An attic provides a safe shelter for a raccoon, and usually meets all of their living requirements: shelter, safety and food. The first step is to identify if there really is a raccoon in the attic. Next, steps must be taken to remove the[…]

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Raccoon Control – Ukraine’s Army of Raccoons

Raccoon Control – Ukraine The Ukraine army are planning to train baby raccoons as sappers to find explosives and sniff mines. This all stemmed from last spring when an officer rescued a raccoon from hunting dogs. The unit decided to foster him and named him Hook. They soon found him a girlfriend – Alice and the couple now[…]

Squirrel Baby Season

Common Raccoon Problems for Toronto GTA Homeowners

Last Updated: October 2016 Cities are chock-full of raccoon problems with Toronto and the GTA being no different. This blog discusses the common raccoon problems for Toronto GTA homeowners. The information provided outlines their behaviour and characteristics to help you understand your options. Raccoons are quite common in Toronto and have increasingly become a problem not only[…]

Wildlife in your home? How do wildlife get in?

Last Updated: October 2016 Do you hear noises in your attic, or hear scratching in the walls or chirping in your chimney? Then it is more than likely that you have wildlife in your home. In these cases the first step is to find out where exactly they are. The second is to figure out[…]

Squirrel Baby Season

Wildlife Problem – Do it yourself or use a professional?

Last Updated: October 2016 There are two main options to solving a wildlife problem – do it yourself or call a professional. As a professional I will always advise using our services than doing it yourself, but that being said I do get a lot of phone calls from customers where it just ends up they[…]