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Toronto residents are no strangers to squirrels. Even though Toronto is known as the raccoon capital, squirrels rule the wildlife scene in the city. Well it seems that way as they are active during the day where a lot of other Toronto Wildlife are nocturnal. However Squirrel Removal Toronto GTA is a highly googled term as the little rodents continually break into people’s homes, businesses and back yards. The two most common squirrels in Toronto breaking into properties are the Eastern Grey Squirrel and the Red Squirrel. The Red Squirrel is easily identified with it’s orange/red fur. The Eastern Grey Squirrel varies. You may see a variation of colour in grey squirrels from black, brown, grey and even the white squirrels of Trinity Bellwoods Park. They are all Eastern Grey Squirrels, just they all have an adaptive melanism. Adaptive Melanism is a natural phenomenon where wildlife develop high levels of melanin. This changes the colour of their fur and helps them to better camouflage. The white squirrels are the opposite, they develop low levels of melanin.

Squirrels breed twice a year – in Spring and in Fall. Before they give birth they seek out a den for their babies. One popular area is a residential attic. The picture on the left is a baby squirrel we removed from a residential attic. Baby Squirrel removal is a lot more tricky and costly compared to just adult squirrel removal. As soon as you know you have a squirrel in your home you should have them removed immediately. The longer the squirrels remain on your property the worse the wildlife damage will be. Squirrels will chew on everything to keep their teeth trimmed. They will chew on the wires which may cause a fire hazard, they will chew on the wood structure which may need to be replaced. They will ripe holes on your property to gain access. And the noise, Squirrels make a lot of noise as they run around hiding their food and then continue to run around looking for it again. However if you expect you have squirrels in Spring or Fall do not allow the issue to fester as you will eventually have baby squirrels to deal with. Baby squirrel removal is more complicated than a normal adult squirrel removal. This is due to the law in Ontario. Ontario has strong animal welfare legislation, enforcing strong laws and tough penalties. Throughout the GTA, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough etc. it is an offence to cause or permit distress to an animal. With baby squirrels they have to be removed from the attic / area and reunited with their mother. We all know about maternal instincts, but you don’t want to get mixed up with a wild animals maternal instincts. If you approach the baby the mother may attack. You need to be careful.

First thing you do is locate the area you hear the noises comingSquirrel Removal from or where the disturbance is. Second thing you need to check if there are babies. Babies are usually noisy, you can hear them chirping, as they cry for their mother to be fed. The mother will be in and out of the nest to get food and water, so you may not hear the thuds or pitter patter of feet at certain times of the morning and daylight hours, but you will hear the babies crying if she takes too long to return. Mothers are very protective of their young and do not let any animal near them, not even the males. Never approach the mother or babies. As mother wildlife are very protective and they can be quite vicious. If you find the babies watch out for the mother as she may be lurking and approach from behind and attack. If this happens in an attic you won’t have a lot of room to manoeuvre and the critter will have an upper hand. The time you get away and return the mother will have the babies moved. However this does not solve your problem, it just leaves room for another animal to move in. If you do scare them away and are 100% sure there is no other criter in your attic wildlife proofing your home is highly recommended.

Squirrel Removal Toronto GTA

Squirrel Removal Toronto

Baby Eastern Grey Squirrel

Getting Rid of squirrels by yourself can be tricky. There are products and old wife tales you can try, trust me we have heard them all. Can’t say they never work but nine out of ten times they don’t. And that one time they do the squirrel usually returns after a few days. Our advice is to not waste your time on it. Hiring a professional is the only guaranteed way of squirrel removal. SOS Wildlife Control will arrive at your home, inspect the area and provide you with a thorough outline of what the problem is, the main entry points and the squirrel removal options you have. The next step (upon hire) is an attic inspection. This is a hands on approach and allows us to invade the animals space. We can identify if there are babies involved or if it’s only adults and complete the humane squirrel removal Toronto.

As for numbers, no one is quite sure just how many squirrels are roaming the city, but you can bet that it’s a lot. Toronto is a popular city for squirrels for the same reason raccoons like to live here: there is a ton of grub. So don’t attract squirrels to your home, don’t feed them, secure all bins, don’t over fill bird feeders, trim trees back from your property and keep your pet food inside. Wildlife Prevention is the best method to keep squirrels out and prevent the need of squirrel removal Toronto.

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