Skunk Removal TorontoHumane, effective and affordable skunk removal Toronto GTA is a service offered by SOS Wildlife Control. We remove skunks under porches, skunks under decking, skunks under heating units, skunks under sheds – anywhere on your property. Skunks can be found in more densely populated areas of downtown Toronto but suburban areas like Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Thornhill and Oakville are where skunks are more commonly encountered. Live trapping and removal is the best skunk removal method. There are many old wives tails, skunk repellent sprays, powders or devices to get rid of skunks but they do not work. In my many years of experience the animal always return. Professional skunk removal is the only guaranteed method.

To further prevent skunks entering your property in the future you can install exclusion barriers to keep them from going under your shed, deck or porch. This is known as wildlife prevention. This will prevent other wild animals entering your property also.

Skunk can spray up to 10 feet with great accuracy from two ducts under its tail.

Reason to Use Expert Skunk Removal Toronto GTA


Skunks are well known for their strong odor. Skunk spray is a smelly blend of sulphurous oils that can cause partial blindness and sting the skin. No homeowner appreciates this scent under their deck and puts them in fear of being sprayed. Furthermore, a skunk in the area poses a constant threat to pets.


Skunks are also common carriers of rabies. You should be especially cautious around any skunk you see active during the day. Skunks also carry distemper, which can be deadly to dogs.  Skunks carry many other pests including ticks, fleas and mites, which themselves carry a number of diseases. Read more on Rabies in Wildlife.

Skunk Removal Toronto

Skunk removal works best with trapping. Skunk removalSOS Wildlife experts will arrive at your home and assess your skunk situation. Depending on the area a technician will advice the most suitable removal method. Not all skunk removal is the same but it is all humane. Ensuring the safety of the animal is priority along with nobody getting hurt (sprayed). Assessing the skunk problem involves finding the animals entryways, assessing if there are multiple skunks, are their babies involved. If there are multiple entry ways we will seal all entryways except one. If no babies involved we will set up appropriate amount of traps with baits to invite the skunks. Once the skunks are in the traps the customer lets SOS Wildlife technicians know. Occasionally skunks will spray when they are trapped. When the trap door closes the skunk is in a small enclosure and unable to easily lift its tail to spray. Wildlife are only allowed to be trapped in the cages a certain amount of hours before it becomes illegal. Ensure whatever Wildlife Control company you hire arrive for the animal soon after you call. (A few hours max). Otherwise it is inhumane.

Using body gripping traps or placing poison could result in criminal charges and/or provincial charges with fines up $5,000.

If you find a skunk in  the attic or in between walls it can be removed via either trapping or by cutting a hole in the wall, but these scenarios are rare. If a skunk has fallen down a window well try putting a wooden plank down the well, it will hopefully be able to climb out. Otherwise call a professional who will use a snare and grip the animal around its waist (not neck). However these as I said are uncommon but do happen.

Skunks release a foul odor when they feel under threat, for this reason it is best to leave skunk removal to an expert. SOS Wildlife offer 24/7 365 days a year skunk removal Toronto GTA. Our technicians can not only help remove the animals, but also can help in taking the necessary steps in preventing them from coming back.

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