Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue Service

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated is Not a Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue Service Provider

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Contact Toronto Wildlife Centre Hotline at 416-631-0662 for Rehab and Rescue Services.

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For many years now, SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated has been offering professional wildlife removal services in the GTA and Toronto regions, but NOT wildlife rehabilitation and rescue services. Removing wildlife and controlling pests are what we usually do and we make it a point to deliver it in a humane and efficient way.
If ever you need wildlife rehabilitation and rescue services, it is best to call Toronto Wildlife Centre.

Toronto Wildlife Centre: Who Are They?

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A charitable, non-profit wildlife rescue organization, Toronto Wildlife Centre aims to provide medical assistance and rehabilitative care to injured, orphaned, and sick wild animals, found by the public. It was first established in 1993. Since then, more than 270 species of wildlife have been admitted for care.
Thanks to the efforts of donors and volunteers, Toronto Wildlife Centre has become one of Canada’s busiest, largest, and most reliable wildlife centres. In fact, it is hailed as a leader in the wildlife rehabilitation field.

What Toronto Wildlife Centre Does

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Every single day, there are individuals who encounter sick, orphaned, and injured wild animals that badly need help. Fortunately, Toronto Wildlife Centre can respond to situations like these and provide help for the animal.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

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A licensed and legit wildlife rehabilitation facility, Toronto Wildlife Centre operates and runs under permits from the Canadian Wildlife Services and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. This facility proudly adheres humane ways to handle wildlife and observes the Wildlife Rehabilitators Code of Ethics.
At Toronto Wildlife Centre, the ill, orphaned, and injured wild animals are provided with ample medical care until fully recovered before they are released back to the wild. Wild animals need to be strong and healthy to survive the wild.

Wildlife Rescue

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The rescue team of Toronto Wildlife Centre can deal with dangerous and difficult wildlife situations that the public cannot handle. It is the only centre in Ontario that has a rescue program. As of this writing, they have 2 rescue vehicles and 3 professional staff members, who are certified and trained in ice and water rescue, as well as in slope evacuation the like.

Wildlife Hospital

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It is impossible to provide medical care for animals and wildlife without innovation and skills. The good news is that Toronto Wildlife Centre has everything needed to deal with even the most critical wildlife scenarios, such as turtles having crushed shells.
With a team of dedicated wildlife experts and veterinarians, Toronto Wildlife Centre has a Wildlife Hospital that is considered one-of-its-kind in the entire Ontario.

What You Should Do

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Sometimes, when you see an orphaned or sick wild animal, you often feel scared that you just leave the poor guy there. Well, that is not the right thing to do.
If ever you find yourself in such situation, call the Toronto Wildlife Centre and wait for rescuers.

Be Smart. Be Responsible. Take Action

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The next time you find wildlife that needs rehabilitation and rescue, you know who to call: Toronto Wildlife Centre. Contact their Wildlife Emergency Hotline at 416-631-0662.