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What type of animals do you handle?

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated provides services in, 
Raccoon Removal
Squirrel Removal
Bird Removal
Bat Removal
Skunk Removal
Ground Hog Removal
Opossum Removal
Mice Removal
Rat Removal
Wildlife Control Toronto GTA Services
Wildlife Prevention
Dead Animal Removal

Do you remove any other animals?

We do not handle domestic animal problems like dogs or cats. Pet problems are handled by Toronto Animal Services (TAS). The city and county only deal with domestic animals, they don’t deal with wildlife.You need a professional wildlife control Toronto GTA company to solve your wildlife problem.

What areas do you service?

We serve Toronto and all the GTA areas including
Ajax, ON
Aurora, ON
Brampton, ON
Etobicoke, ON
Markham, ON
Mississauga, ON
Newmarket, ON
North York, ON
Oakville, ON
Richmond Hill, ON
Scarborough, ON
Toronto, ON
Whitby, ON
Vaughan, ON

Do you offer emergency service?

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated provides 24/7 EMERGENCY service only. This applies to wildlife that is in your immediate vicinity that needs to be removed now. Other wildlife related nuisances/services will be scheduled with a technician at their best availability. Call 1.800.980.0330 to speak to a technician today!

What happens if I find an injured, orphaned animal?

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated is not a rehabilitation center and does not provide services in wildlife veterinarian or rehabilitation. We do however urge you to contact one if you do encounter orphaned or injured wildlife. 

Some services you can contact are
Procyon Wildlife Veterinarian and Rehabilitation Services 
Toronto Wildlife Centre

Do all wild animals carry rabies?

No, not all wildlife carry rabies but it’s a good to be well informed and aware in case you ever encounter a rabid animal. Bats and Raccoons are known for carrying rabies that transfer to humans. If you have bats in your home be very cautious and have them removed immediately as many cases have come from bats. Raccoons are another wildlife animal known to have carried rabies. To be safe, If you see wildlife with odd behavior, call a professional. If you are bit, call an Ontario Public Health Unit

How much does raccoon removal cost?

Please read our page Raccoon Removal Cost?

What are one-way doors?

One way doors are specially designed doors which allow the animal(s) to exit the property and not re-enter.

Is SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated Insured?

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated has Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) and Commercial Liability Insurance and has completed Working at Heights (WAH) approved training program.

What do you do with the animals once they are captured?

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated conduct humane practices and methods. Captured wildlife are released 1 km away as in accordance with Ontario rules and regulations.

What do you do if there are babies?

If baby wildlife is found, SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated technicians will remove them and place them in an insulated box. The mother will then pick them up and relocate them.

Do you have any other questions?

Contact us at 647-994-9453 and we’ll be happy to answer them.



Your #1 Choice Against Nuisance Emergency Problems

CALL 1.800.981.0330 TODAY

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