Cockroaches are replusive and objectionable to most people simply by their presence. You should call a professional for cockroach control services immediately. Cockroaches are a brownish color with antennas and wings. In size they are anywhere from 15 to 30mm long. Cockroaches adapt to any sort of environment but usually like to stay in warm conditions. This is why they make their way in your home especially during winter months. Cockroaches hate it when sunlight hits them; they try their best to run away from it and lurk in dark areas. They leave a chemical trail in their feces; other cockroaches will follow these trails to find sources of food and water. They also follow these trails to see where other cockroaches are hiding! Cockroaches are pretty smart as they do a lot of research to find the perfect place for their food source and once they have found the perfect place they will stay there forever! They signal other cockroaches to come as well since they know there is a lot of food for all of them. Yet again this is another excuse for cockroaches to break into our home, since it’s quite easy to find food there. Most people think that cockroaches are silent insects, but some cockroaches make hissing sounds while others make a chirping sound. They use rhythmic beats in order to interest their mates and make them aware. If you find cockroaches in your home call a pest control technician immediately for cockroach control. If you have one your are guaranteed to have more unfortunately. They are a disgusting disease ridden insect you need to remove immediately!

Did you know cockroaches can live five extra days after their head has been detached from its body?

Damages from cockroach:

Cockroaches could cause severe damages to your home. The damages they make to your home will leave an ugly sight. Making you not want to live in your own house anymore. Cockroaches will nearly eat everything that is in your home from furniture, food, walls, books, etc… We highly recommend that you call a pest control technician as soon as possible for cockroach control as they hide all over the place. Cockroaches will make tiny and / or big holes in your furniture, which makes your furniture ugly and not comforting anymore. Cockroaches will make holes in the walls. So make sure you get a pest technician for cockroach control as soon as you locate them, so that they don’t cause any costly damage to your home.

Cockroach diseases:

Not only do these insects cause damages to our home, but also impact our health conditions. Cockroaches can be very disgusting and ugly for some people to look at, therefore it causes several psychological problems for people that have to put up with them and live with them. Research has shown that cockroaches are one of the insects that remain indoors and cause severe allergies and allergic reactions. A lot of kids in this generation are suffering from asthma and with cockroaches being around your house it will make the case even worse for them. You wouldn’t want the cockroaches anywhere around you and your family. Cockroaches are also able to transfer numerous diseases to us. There is lots of bacteria, virus,etc… in the cockroaches body which will makes us suffer from it as well if they stay in our homes. These diseases will be food poisoning, diarrhea, vomiting,  etc… However there hasn’t been any cases that were hospitalized because of cockroach diseases, but they could still be very dangerous and action needs to be taken against them. You really have to watch out for these insects. They are something for sure, from damages they make to your home, the mess they leave behind to impacting you health conditions. Just call a wildlife control technician for cockroach control as soon as possible!

Cockroach Control:

We highly recommend that you don’t get rid of these insects yourself, instead contact a wildlife control technician such as SOS wildlife control. To clean up after cockroaches and cockroach control services is a very hard and disgusting task. The cockroaches may have eggs everywhere in your home that you’re not aware of. If you don’t get rid of them they will come back in your home and frustrate you even more. Considering the fact you put all of your time and effort into cleaning up and getting rid of them yet they’re still in your home. SOS Wildlife Control will arrive eat your property and upon thorough investigation and examination will provide you with the options available. We will promptly set up a guaranteed, safe and effective, elimination program to control the cockroaches, using special bait that is recommended for cockroach control. These are eco-friendly and cause no harm to your health and safety. The baits are applied in wall cavities, sub-floor and hidden places. Or depending on the situation we may have to use a special spray which is highly recommended for cock-roach control. We will also provide you with future prevention advice to avoid future problems. All SOS Wildlife Control’s work is guaranteed.

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