Bed Bugs

Last Updated: June 2016

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Bed bugs are tiny bugs that can become very problematic, very quickly. These tiny creatures can cause great damage to your home, and severe health problems. Bed bugs feed on human blood – with that being said, the bed bugs will want to be close to their food source, and therefore they travel into our homes to be closer. These insects are named bed bugs due to the fact that they’re often found in the warmth of the houses, in beds, and bedding. Adult beds bugs are reddish brownish, flattened, oval shaped insects, which have no hind wings. Bed bugs have abdomens, and microscopic hair that makes them look more banded. Adult bed bugs usually grow 4 to 5 mm long, and 1.5 to mm wide. Nymph bed bugs are translucent in color once they are hatched; however once they are reaching maturity they darken in color. Bed bugs are often mistaken with other insects such as, carpet beetles, small cockroaches. Once these tiny little guys get their first blood meal their abdomen turn red, then brown, and finally black once the meal is gradually getting digested. These insects can be very tiny and unnoticeable but you need to try your best to get rid of them! Bed bugs are able to lay thousands and thousands of eggs around your home which makes it harder for you to get rid of them. It is highly recommended you use a professional for bed bug removal as these creatures can lye dormant for up to 6 months before reappearing.

Bed Bug Problems

Bed bugs themselves do not transfer any diseases, however they could cause severe other problems to your health and therefore you really have to be careful with them. Bed bugs won’t give you any transmitted diseases but their bite can be the problem you will have to face. Bed bugs bites will cause allergic reactions, which can be extremely dangerous if you don’t take action. If you have severe allergies from these insects, and you get a bite, it can result in major health problems. The bite of the bed bugs will turn red, and swollen. Their bite will get itchy and you may experience pain. You may have to see a doctor for you bite because it may be infected. Your only concern might be your skin as you may face problems because scratching and irritating your skin. You got to take these bugs very serious because they can be very deadly and painful once you have several bites on your body!

Bed bugs are tiny little insects, but they’re capable of causing great damage. Bed bugs will be able to completely ruin your house if you don’t take action for it. You should contact a local pest control company to immediately to get rid of the insects. Bed bugs are able to make holes in areas of our home such as walls and floors. You will have to get rid of these pests as soon as possible since they will be quite damaging and annoying. Bed bugs will make tiny little holes on basically everything you own which will damage your home. Bed bugs lay thousands and thousands of eggs everywhere, they often make holes in the wood in order to have a safe place to lay their eggs.

*This post is informational. SOS Wildlife Control Inc. does not provide Bed Bug Control Services

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