Troubles due to Neighbor’s Negligence – Raccoons Disrupt Peace

  Property Standards for the City of Toronto sets the rules and standards for all its properties. All the property owners are required to strictly adhere to it. Section 9 of Chapter 629 states, “All properties have to be kept free of pests, including rodents and insects.” Sadly, this is not followed at all times.[…]

Tips to Winterize Your Home to Keep Pests Out

Tips to Winterize Your Home to Keep Pests Out

Everything about autumn is so beautiful – the plunging temperature, dwindling sunlight, beautiful colors, and the warmth inside the house. As winter approaches, we tend to find the coziness in warm places, especially inside our house. Similarly, with the decrease of temperature outside, insects and pests try to find a warmer place which can protect[…]

Common Diseases from Raccoons Feces & Urine

Common Diseases From Raccoons Feces & Urine

Raccoons are aggressive creatures that can transfer sicknesses to individuals through bites, scratches and even indirect contact. Since it isn’t unprecedented for us to now and again encounter these furry creatures around our homes, particularly during the night as they hunt for food, it is vital to take care while in their presence and use[…]


How To See If Squirrels Are in Your House

A Rundown through few signs that will help you determine if your home is frequented by Squirrels. 1: Peculiar clamors are heard The two most normal sounds you’ll hear are either a cluster of rushing and hopping sounds in your upper room or the sound of steady scratching if one of them have turned out[…]

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Toronto Bank Closed Due to Damage Caused by Raccoons

Video Transcription  Held up by masked bandits i’m mateus pisano in Midtown and if you bank at this RBC branch here on st. Clair Oakwood you’ll notice that you can’t get in that’s because it’s temporarily closed and it’s not because of construction but because of a break-in enter and it’s believed that the suspects[…]

raccoon roundworm

The dangers of Raccoon Roundworm

The dangers of Raccoon Roundworm If having a raccoon on your property or in your home wasn’t bad enough, raccoons leaving their feces around your property can lead to a potentially deadly disease called “raccoon roundworm”. If you live in an urban area or a place where you see raccoons fairly often we suggest you[…]

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Why Do Skunk Like Living Under My Shed or Deck

Skunks have a bad reputation of being animals that will spray without warning, or if you grew up with Looney Toons you may be afraid that they will try and profess their love for you. Neither are true, skunks are not as dangerous as you think and only spray in self-defense. A skunk living under[…]

What to do about squirrels and raccoons on your yard

What can you do about squirrels and raccoons in your yard?

Squirrels and raccoons in your yard Squirrels and raccoons, like any of us, want a place to call home, to come back to after a long day and to raise their family in.  Unfortunately these furry tenants can cause problems for you, your home and your family. Squirrels and raccoons can become extremely protective especially[…]