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What We Do:

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated provides wildlife removal and pest control services to residential, industrial and commercial clients in Toronto and the surrounding GTA. Our certified wildlife removal and pest control technicians make sure all wildlife and pest control problems are taken care of humanly, effectively and efficiently. We have years of experience in wildlife control, wildlife removal, pest control and nuisance wildlife prevention. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated can help solve your wildlife and pest control problems in Toronto and the surrounding GTA.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated offers the following when our technicians arrive at your property

  • Hear out your description of the situation
  • Inspect rooftop and attic
  • Identify entry points, main entry points, weak-spots and potential wildlife entry points
  • Provide you with multiple options, tailored to your situation

If you suspect wildlife on your property, or would like to conduct wildlife proofing on your property and would like an inspection, give us a call

We provide raccoon removal, squirrel removal, bat removal, opossum removal, skunk removal, bird removal, wasp removal, deceased animal removal and more. Once we remove the wildlife from your home, we offer wildlife prevention services for the property, a service that prevents wildlife from entering and further damaging the protected areas. It is recommended that professional wildlife removal services be conducted when met with wildlife problems to avoid risks of injury and further property damage. Our wildlife removal experts can help solve wildlife nuisances in Toronto and the GTA. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated provides both residential and commercial wildlife removal and pest control services.

I called SOS Wildlife to install a cover on the chimney stack up on the roof and I must say that it was an absolute pleasure to deal with Sherwin! Thank you for making this experience a pleasant one! -Homestar Review

At SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated, wildlife removal and pest control is our expertise. We offer a variety of professional services for all your wildlife problems in Toronto and the GTA. Whether assistance is required for the common squirrel in the attic, raccoons in the attic are the types of troubles you’re facing, or you are simply looking for basic nuisance wildlife information, call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated. We have the knowledge, equipment and commitment to handle your nuisance wildlife problem correctly every time. When wildlife or pest control problems occur in Toronto and the GTA, don’t hesitate to call SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated. Call 1.800.981.0330 to have an appointment scheduled to solve you wildlife problem as soon as possible.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated has been providing professional wildlife removal services in Toronto and the GTA for many years. Our certified wildlife removal and pest control technicians always deliver humane, effective, professional and efficient services. SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated continuously works on keeping our Toronto and GTA customers happy by giving them the results they want.

1-800-981-0330 OR 647-994-9453

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Procyon Wildlife is dedicated to working with our communities in an effort to help wild animals in need of care. Their goals are to rescue, rehabilitate and safely release these animals, and to promote public appreciation for wildlife preservation.

SOS Wildlife Control Incorporated delivers wildlife in need to the caring hands of Procyon Wildlife volunteers. Procyon Wildlife is a non-profit organization who’s efforts all go towards the well-being of animals. You can help support Procyon Wildlife by volunteering, monetary donations or by donating supplies in need. Visit the Procyon Wildlife Website for more details.

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